1-channel telemetry for rotating shafts



Digital radio telemetry system for strain gage applications on rotating shafts - Gain and auto zero setting directly from the receiver side!

The MT1-PCM single-channel telemetry system offers the easiest handling for the wireless radio transmission of strain gage signals from rotating shafts.

The dimensions of the encoder (MT1-PCM-STG) are 62 x 27 x 11mm, those of the transmitter (40k-Tx) are 62 x 27 x 11mm (each without connectors). Each module has a weight of about 30g. The encoder/transmitter parts are simply mounted on the rotating shaft with a special fiber reinforced tape and fixed by a steel clamp.

Powering of the transmission part is by battery (6-9V), power consumption 90mA. The digital data transfer between transmitter and receiver uses radio frequency bands of 433MHz or 868MHz, transmitting power is 10mW.

Product specifications

  • Easy to assemble and operate
  • Strain gage sensors (> 350 Ohm)
  • Full and half bridge configuration
  • Fixed excitation: 4 Volt DC
  • Auto-zero adjustment – setting on receiver side
  • Gain: 250 to 8000 – setting on receiver side
  • Powering by Lithium battery, > 12 h operational time
  • Distance 1 to 10 meter (rotating application)
  • Up to 8 systems can work in parallel with different radio freq.
  • Signal bandwidth 0...500 Hz (-3dB)
  • Output +/-10 V
  • System accuracy < 0.2 %

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