Point-to-point telemetry

CT16 Compact Telemetry

CT16 Compact 16-channel telemetry system

16-channel compact telemetry system – including signal conditioning for STG, TH-K, ICP, POT, PT100 and high-level inputs

The CT16 Compact is a 16-channel telemetry system with integrated signal conditioning for sensor signals, wireless digital transmission and analog reproduction.

In the encoder/transmitter unit the sensor signals are conditioned, filtered (anti-aliasing) and digitized (12-bit). Simultaneous sampling is provided for all channels. Finally the PCM encoded data is transmitted via radio frequencies to the receiver. 

Various configurations of different sensor modules are available incl. signal conditioning for strain gages (STG), thermocouples type K (TH-K), thermo sensors PT100, ICP sensors, potentiometer sensors (POT) and also voltage inputs (±5 or ±10 V). Mixed configuration is possible.

Product specifications

  • 12-bit ADC resolution
  • Simultaneous sampling of all channels
  • Anti-aliasing filters
  • Signal bandwidth 16 x 0...1500 Hz (1280 kbit)
  • Signal bandwidth 16 x 0...45 Hz (40 kbit)
  • Distance up to 500 m (only 40 kbit)

Frequency table

Cut off frequency from anti aliasing filter (-3 dB) Sampling rate
Bit rate 16 CH
1280 kbit 1500 Hz 6530 Hz
640 kbit 750 Hz 3265 Hz
320 kbit 375 Hz 1632 Hz
40 kbit 47 Hz 204 Hz

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