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TEMPTEL 8 Wheel thermo telemetry 8 channel

8-channel wheel telemetry system for thermocouples K or J – offering up to 50 hrs operating time

TEMPTEL8-Wheel is an telemetry system designed for easy mounting onto rotating wheels providing non-contact transmission of temperature data. Sensors inputs are connected via screw connectors. The sensor signals are conditioned, digitized (12 bit) and transmitted via radio frequencies. Four different carrier frequencies are provided, allowing up to four systems (e.g. for four wheels) to be operated in parallel. The complete transmitter assembly is water-protected according to IP65 specifications.

The following thermocouples can be connected: Type K -50 to 1000° C (standard) or Type J -50 to 750° C (optional). All inputs are fully galvanically insulated. The stationary receiver provides ±10 V analog output signals (linearized for K or J) at BNC sockets (option: CAN-Bus interface).

The analog signal bandwidth is 0-30 Hz (-3 dB) for eight channels. The measurement accuracy is ±0.5 % (without sensor). The TEMPTEL8-Wheel is specified for operational temperatures from -20° C to +70° C. The transmission distance between transmitter and receiving antenna can be up to 10 m (30 feet) – depending on the application!

Product specifications

  • 8 thermocouple inputs (type K or J)
  • Fully galvanically insulated inputs
  • Temperature range: -50 to 1000° C
  • Signal bandwidth: 8x 0-30 Hz
  • 12 bit ADC, simultaneous sampling
  • Linearized output for K or J
  • Analog output +/- 10 V, opt. CAN-BUS
  • 4 different carrier frequencies
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Water-protected transmitter housing (IP65)

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