Telemetry for Heavy Industry Applications

Today´s requirements to modern machine construction are high and need optimized drive systems according to versatility, robustness and low maintenance. KMT-Telemetry supports customers worldwide in the measurement of torque, efficiency, temperature, pressure, traction and bending forces by offering suitable telemetry systems for up to 64 channels.

  • Torque measurement and transmission from drive shafts
  • Acquisition of torque and forces on large gearwheels
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Application samples

  • force measurement and vibration measurement at road building machine
  • force measurement at snow groomer
  • force measurement at fork lifter
  • force measurement at tank drive wheel
  • torque measurement at dump truck
  • torque measurement at heavy duty earth moving machines
  • TEL1-PCM telemetry torque measurement at corn harvester

Suitable products for this area:

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