Telemetry for Test Bench Applications

Reliable telemetry systems for continuous use in testing applications. Non-contact measurement of physical parameters like temperature, torque, angle, strain, force and pressure on test rigs of all kinds, such as powertrain, brake and gearbox test stands, as well as test benches for tires and wheels. A data rate of up to 2.5 Mbit/s guarantees error-free transmission even for sensor signals with high bandwidths.

  • Torque and vibration measurement on powertrains
  • Temperature, pressure and strain transmission from tires and wheels
  • Torque and temperature aquisition on gearbox and clutch test rigs
  • Temperature measurement in brake testing
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Application samples

  • force measurement at big gearbox test rig
  • force measurement at drive shaft of planet gear test rig
  • force measurement at railway test rig
  • force measurement at water turbine test rig
  • force measurement on clutch test rig
  • torque measurement at gear test rig

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