Telemetry for Wind Energy Applications

Optimized for telemetry applications on wind turbines. For non-contact measurement of torque and power transmission, rotor and generator shafts, bending and torsion on rotor blades. With inductive power supply for continuous and simultaneous measurements, time-synchronous transmission of up to 32 channels and a data transfer rate up to 2.5 Mbit/s.

Whether low speeds and high torque on the rotor or high speeds with low torque to the generator, KMT provides the optimum solution for every application for continuous operation, even under extreme conditions.

  • Torque, speed of gear, rotor and generator shafts
  • Bending and twisting moments on rotor blades
  • Vibration analysis of rotor blades
  • Pressure and tension loads of individual components of the drive train
  • Temperature monitoring of heat-sensitive components
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Application samples

  • force measurement at drive shaft of planet gear test rig
  • force measurement on drive shaft
  • force measurement on planet gear box of wind turbine
  • force measurement on wind blades 01
  • force measurement on wind blades 02
  • force measurement on wind blades 03
  • torque measurement at power generators 01
  • torque measurement at power generators 02

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