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Now with galvanic isolated powering from board net!

RPM-8000-OBD2 offers a convenient solution for automotive RPM measurement without an additional sensor. The information will be read directly from the CAN-OBD2- interface (ISO 15765 CAN, 11/29 Bit ID, 250/500 kBaud). The instrument is simply connected to the standard OBD2 connector and the RPM or speed is shown directly on the LCD display. You even have the choice to output the data as an analog voltage signal (0-5 V) or as a digital pulse sequence (TTL).

The RPM measuring range of the analog output is 0.5 Volt per 1000 RPM. The standard TTL frequency output of 16 pulse per engine revolution can be scaled with a frequency divider of 1:1, 1:2, 1:4, 1:8 or 1:16.

The speed measuring range of the analog output is 0.020 V per km/h (0-5 V = 0-250 km/h) The TTL frequency output is 16 Hz/km/h (max. 250 km/h).

Product specifications

  • No sensor installation required
  • Direct reading of RPM and speed
  • 16 pulses per engine revolution
  • 16 Hz per km/h
  • Analog and TTL pulse output
  • Display of RPM and speed
  • Max. 10.000 RPM and 250 km/h
  • With galvanic isolated powering from board net!

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