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RemusLAB has been improved over years, so it now shows brilliant additional functionality and is simple to use.

First ever KMT-PCM-Systems, Dx-telemetry system, MOPS, CAN Interfaces, OBD, VarioPRO, CLS-E and CAEMAX Wheel Force Transducers as well as other supported third party USB devices can be initialized and synchronously used together within.

Hardware Support with Parameterization:

  • KMT telemetry products with bitparallel wordseriell or ethernet interfaces
  • MOPS systems with all data interfaces including ethernet up to 250 kHz -    optional > 1 MHz with ethernet switches
  • parallel acquisition from multiple sources (CAN, ethernet & USB)
  • all CAN interfaces supported by Vector, Kvaser and Peak
  • direct support of CLS and steering wheel sensors and Wheel Force Transducers (WFT), TelRad
  • direct support of ethernet and USB devices
  • parallel acquisition from multiple sources (CAN, ethernet & USB)

Online Computation:

  • any mathematical formula and logical operations
  • differentiation/integration
  • filtering/smoothing
  • threshold monitoring
  • time channels and time controlled storage

Data Recording

  • various data files with comprehensive triggering
  • various sample rates (e.g. using the MOPS)
  • National/DIAdem-TDM data format for LabView
  • MLab-Mdf format
  • UFF format (universal file format)
  • ASCII for small data volume like min/max, protocol …

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