Technical Resources


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Firmware This is the latest firmware for all MTP-NT systems. All modules (no matter what function they have) work with the same firmware. Therefore, with a single operation a complete MTP-NT system can be updated to the latest firmware version. Just double-click nt_update.exe and the update will start. Download Release Note
Windows config software This is the latest Windows config software for all MTP-NT systems.
[usage: extract the folder and start the ntconfig.exe, that's all (but you'll have to set the right COM port)]
Download Release Note


Element Description Downloads Notes
User Manual This is the latest user manual for MTP-NT. Download Release Note
Output Value Ranges Information about the range of digital values in the output data stream Excel-Table Ranges Info


Element Description Downloads Notes
Product Overview This is a product overwiew for MTP-NT. Download Release Note


Element Description Downloads Notes
Strain Gauge Calculation Tool Excel-Sheet for calculating microstrain to output voltage and output voltage to microstrain. Download Release Note
Torsional Moment Calculation Tool Excel-Sheet for calculating the torsional moment Download Preview


Element Description Downloads Notes
Mini-Terminal Easy-to-use terminal software Download Release Note
Driver for USB/RS232 adapter Windows 7/8/8.1/10 (32 & 64-bit) WDF WHQL Driver: v3.8.18.0 (10/17/2017) Download Release Note
Information Locking Clip Information from AMP/TE about Locking Clip Contacts and Housings Download Contact drawing
Information Locking Clip Connectors Information collection about Locking Clip Contacts and Housings for MTP-mtp-nt Download Release Note
Firefox Cache Issue Automatically clear Firefox cache to avoid loading older file versions Firefox Page View Info