Technical Resources


Element Description Downloads Notes
Firmware This is the latest firmware for all MTP-NT systems. All modules (no matter what function they have) work with the same firmware. Therefore, with a single operation a complete MTP-NT system can be updated to the latest firmware version. Just double-click nt_update.exe and the update will start. nt_update.exe Release Note
Windows config software This is the latest Windows config software for all MTP-NT systems.
[usage: extract the folder and start the ntconfig.exe, that's all (but you'll have to set the right COM port)] Release Note

Instructions & Informations

Element Description Downloads Notes
User Manual This is the latest user manual for MTP-NT. Download Release Note
Output Value Ranges Information about the range of digital values in the output data stream Excel-Table Ranges PDF
TCP Data Stream Format Information about the structure of the TCP data stream TCP Format Release Note


Element Description Downloads Notes
Product Overview This is a product overwiew for MTP-NT. Download Release Note


Element Description Downloads Notes
Strain Gauge Calculation Tool Excel-Sheet for calculating microstrain to output voltage and output voltage to microstrain. Download Release Note
Torsional Moment Calculation Tool Excel-Sheet for calculating the torsional moment Download Preview


Element Description Downloads Notes
Mini-Terminal Easy-to-use terminal software Download Release Note
Driver for USB/RS232 adapter Windows 7/8/8.1/10 (32 & 64-bit) WDF WHQL Driver: v3.8.18.0 (10/17/2017) Download Release Note
Information Locking Clip Information from AMP/TE about Locking Clip Contacts and Housings Download Contact drawing
Information Locking Clip Connectors Information collection about Locking Clip Contacts and Housings for MTP-mtp-nt Download Release Note
Firefox Cache Issue Automatically clear Firefox cache to avoid loading older file versions Firefox Page View Info
FPGA Firmware Updates Update packages for the FPGAs (only for users who know what they are doing!) [PW protected!] FPGA Firmware View Info