CLSx - Torque sensor

New ultra slim design of KMT-CLSx steering effort sensor– measure torque, steering angle and rotational velocity at the original steering wheel!

The innovative steering effort sensor CLSx sets new standards in size of the housing as well as in resolution and accuracy of measurement values. The sensor is placed between steering column and original steering wheel of the vehicle, preserving all steering wheel functions.

CLSx Torque sensor

The CLSx captures precisely the parameters torque, steering angle and rotational velocity. Optionally, it also acquires acceleration in the center of the steering column (x, y and z direction) as well as rotational acceleration

Measurement data are digitized for a highly fail-safe data transfer, with a resolution of 16 bits (internally: 24 bits). Together with its innovative, ultra slim sensor body design, this leads to an unprecedented precision of torque measurement of 0.1% FS.

Product specifications

  • Steering torque range ± 100 Nm or ± 200 Nm
  • Steering angle range ± 1440°
  • Rotational velocity range ± 1000°/sec
  • CAN and analog output
  • Optimum signal resolution 0,04 Nm, 0,04°
  • Changeable adaption for any car and truck manufacturer
  • All features of multi-function steering wheels can be used with the CLSx mounted (incl. airbag)
  • Power supplied by the control unit

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  • CLSx torque sensor on steering-wheel
  • CLSx
  • CLSx control unit
  • CLSx detail view
  • CLSx_steering-wheel-torque sensor
  • CLSx Set in Case
  • CLSx measurement steering wheel sensor
  • CLSx blank adapters
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