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1-channel telemetry for rotating shafts

1-Channel telemetry for rotating shafts

KMT single-channel telemetry systems provide a simple, accurate method of measuring strain, torque, thermocouple or voltage signals on rotating or moving machinery while operating in a completely contactless mode. Continuous power is supplied inductively and the signal is transmitted from the moving to the stationary component – with no brushes or wires required! The wireless transfer guarantees an absolute wear-free continuous operation and accurate transmission of measured data.

Applications can be found in the research, development and production of motor vehicles, turbines, wind turbines, aircrafts, rail vehicles, as well as any other machinery and in test bench operations.

Easy configuration, assembly and installation, and the flexibility of using inductive power for the rotor electronics, make the single-channel telemetry systems TEL1-PCM, TEL1-PCM-FLEX and T1-PCM genuine multi-talents for all rotary applications.

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