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Modular telemetry for rotating shafts

Modular telemetry for rotating shafts

Modular telemetry systems in various designs and functions are used for non-contact measurement and transmission of torque, acceleration and temperature on rotating shafts.

The digital multi-channel systems MT32, MTP or MTP-NT enable conditioning, digitization and wireless transmission of up to 256 parallel signals. Each sensor module is equipped with signal conditioning, anti-aliasing filters, A/D-converters and digital output. Up to 128 modules (MTP-NT with 2-CH-modules) will be controlled by an encoder/controller module. The encoder output is a fast PCM bit stream signal which can be transferred either inductively for small distances or modulated for RF transmission over distances of up to 100 m and data transfer rates of up to 10000 kbit/s.

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