Point-to-point telemetry

Compact Telemetry Systems with direct sensor input: These multi-channel telemetry systems are designed for easy mounting onto rotating and moving parts to provide non-contact transmission of measured parameters such as pressure, force, temperature, acceleration and voltage. Also suitable for point-to-point applications like bridge or building condition monitoring, the telemetry system offers a wireless solution and replacement of cables between sensor and computer.

Fast and easy installation, trouble-free data transmission: The new multi-channel telemetry systems CT or CTP Compact.

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CTP 4-8-16 Telemetry

The CTP4/8/16 is a multi-channel sensor telemetry system for moving or point to point applications. The 2-channel plug-in acquisition modules from the encoder are easy to change and include signal condition, anti-aliasing-filter, A/D converter. All channels will simultaneous sampling. ... more


CT2-Mini (Compact Telemetry)

Small telemetry system with 2 channels, direct sensor input, 12 bit resolution, simultaneous sampling of all channels, ant-aliasing filters, suitable for STG, thermocouples K or high level inputs, ±5 V analog output at the receiver side ... more

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