Point-to-point telemetry

CT2-Mini Telemetry

Compact 2-channel telemetry system

CT2-Mini is a 2-channel telemetry system designed for easy mounting onto rotating and moving parts, providing non-contact transmission of measured parameters such as pressure, force, temperature, acceleration and voltage. Also suitable for point-to-point applications like bridge or building monitoring. The CT2-Mini replaces long cables from the sensors to the computer.


Sensors inputs are connected via waterproof screw connectors. The measured signals are conditioned, digitized and transmitted via radio frequencies. Four different carrier frequencies are provided, allowing up to four systems (e.g. for four wheels) to operate in parallel. The complete transmitter assembly is water-protected according to IP65 specifications.

Suitable for strain gages in full and half bridge configuration, type K thermocouples, ICP sensors, potentiometers and capacitive sensors. Voltage inputs of ±5 V and ±10 V are available. The measured signals are reproduced as ±5 V analog output signals at the stationary receiver (optional digital output for PC-interface). The CT2-Mini is specified for operational temperatures of -20 to +70° C. The transmission distance between transmitter and receiving antenna can be up to 250 m (10 mW transmitting power).

Product specifications

  • STG offset via potentiometer or optional auto zero calibration
  • 12 bit ADC resolution, silmultaneous sampling of all channels
  • Signal bandwidth: 2x 0-375 Hz (40kbit)
  • Signal bandwidth: 2x 0-12000 Hz (1280kbit)
  • Analog output (+/- 5 V) and digital PC interface at the receiver
  • 4 different carrier frequencies = parallel operation of up to 4 telemetry systems
  • Water protected encoder housing (IP65)

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Datasheet User manual

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