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The CTP-NT100-Rotate is a 100-channel telemetry system for rotating applications with integrated signal conditioning for sensor signals, digital inductive transmission and ethernet IP LAN out reproduction.

In the encoder/transmitter unit the sensor signals are conditioned, filtered (anti-aliasing) and digitized (16-bit). Simultaneous sampling is provided for all channels. Finally the PCM encoded data is transmitted inductive to the receiver.

Various configurations of different sensor modules are available incl. signal conditioning for strain gages (STG), thermocouples type K (THK), ICP sensors and also voltage inputs. Mixed configuration available (2-CH-steps). All sensor modules are software programmable via Bluetooth.

The stationary receiver provides an ethernet IP LAN output. The analog signal bandwidth is 0-750 Hz in 128 CH multiplex. The sampling rate is 1953Hz per channel at 5000kbit transfer rate.

Product specifications

  • 60x STG-CH, Bandwidth 750Hz, sampling rate 1953Hz each
  • 40x THK 10Hz Bandwidth
  • Transfer rate 5000 kbit
  • Inductive data transfer
  • Inductive powering
  • Signal input via 7x50 pin sub d
  • Data output via Ethernet, IP LAN KMT format
  • Setting of parameters via Bluetooth adapter
  • RPM of rotor electronic up to 4000

System Parameters ENCODER

Channels: 100
Resolution: 16 bit (intern 18bit) A/D converter with anti-aliasing filter, simultaneous sampling of all channels
Powering: inductive
Power consumption: about 5A at 6.0V
Analog signal bandwidth: 750 Hz/CH (STG)
Sampling rate: 1953Hz/CH
Transmission: Digital PCM format
Transmission Power: 10mW!
Dimensions: Diameter 239mm, bottom plate diameter 299mm, height 146mm
Weight: about 5 kg without sensor cables
Operating temperature: -40 … +85°C
Housing: Aluminum anodized
Humidity: 20 ... 80% no condensing
Vibration: 5g Mil Standard 810C, Curve C
Static acceleration: 4000 RPM
Shock: 2000g in all directions

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