Rotating telemetry for wheels and rotors


CTP4/8-Rotate for high dynamic measurement on wheels or rotors

CTP8-Rotate is a programmable 4- or 8-channel telemetry system that is specifically designed to be mounted on rotating wheels, rims or rotors of helicopters. The following sensors can be connected: strain gauge sensors (STG) as a full-, half-and quarter-bridge, thermocouple type K to 1000°C, ICP sensors and voltage signals + /-5V or + /-10V. All sensor modules are software programmable via LAN-Adapter and integrated WEB-Interface which enables easy access from PC or Notebook.


The measured signals of the rotating transmitter are transferred by radio transmission to a stationary receiver (decoder) inside the vehicle and available as 8 x +/10V analogue outputs via BNC sockets or as digital signal output by a PCM-LAN-IP interface. To avoid any signal interferences during transmission the decoder is equipped with an advanced diversity- or quad-rf-receiver. A simultaneously and synchronic data transmission of all channels is ensured under all conditions. The maximum distance between transmitter and receiving antenna is approx. 10-20 m (30-60 feet) - depending on the application.

By the use of advanced rf-transmission technologies the CTP4/8-Rotate Telemetry enables an extreme high-speed signal transfer of up to 5Mbit/s. As a result of this, all channel can be transferred with an analogue bandwidth of up to 0..12kHz which is most important in measurements of dynamic torque and vibrations.

Product specifications

  • Inputs for STG, TH-K, ICP or VOLT
  • Simultaneous sampling
  • 16 bit resolution
  • Software programmable
  • Signal bandwidth: up to 24 kHz (4 CH)
  • Battery power up to 10h
  • Radio telemetry transmission
  • Output analog +/- 10 V
  • Digital data interface to PC (option)
  • Waterproofed ENC housing (IP65)

Cut-off frequency of anti-aliasing filter (-3 db) (* = sampling rate)

Bit-Rate 4-Channels 8-Channels
5000 kbit/s 24000 Hz (*62500) 12000 Hz (*31250)
2500 kbit/s 12000 Hz (*31250) 6000 Hz (*15625)
1250 kbit/s 6000 Hz (*15625) 3000 Hz (*7812.5)
625 kbit/s 3000 Hz (*7812.5) 1500 Hz (*3906.25)
312,5 kbit/s 1500 Hz (*3906.25) 750 Hz (*1953.125)

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Datasheet User manual

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