Rotating telemetry for wheels and rotors


Fast, easy assembly and trouble free wireless data transmission with the new axial 16-channel, 16 bit telemetry system for strain gages

The new R16-PCM is a rugged, waterproof axial unit for collecting dynamic measurements from rotating devices under shock and vibration loads - like railway wheels, gear boxes, test rigs or other axial applications. It provides conditioning, digitization and wireless transmission for up to 16 parallel strain gage (STG) signals. Signal and power transfer is contactless, data being transmitted optically and power inductively. No batteries and no routine maintenance! The fully sealed housing and the extended operating temperature range make it particularly suitable for off-road and winter testing under harsh environmental conditions.


On the rotating side the strain gage signals are conditioned and amplified. The analog strain gage signals are converted into a 16 bit digital format. Data transmission from the rotating to the stationary side is achieved by an infrared telemetry link along the centerline of the axis. The power for the rotating signal conditioning incl. sensor excitation is supplied via induction. This ensures uninterrupted continuous power supply. The rotating strain gage amplifiers are software programmable via web interface. The settings are gain, auto-zero and type of strain gage.

On the stationary side the digital output is connected to the decoder unit via a standard data cable. The decoder unit converts and de-multiplexes the serial bit stream into a parallel format. This bit-parallel signal - along with address and clock information - is converted into 16 analog signals (±10 V) and made available on a Sub-D connector on the decoder unit. An IP-LAN interface for digital transfer of data into the PC is available as an option.

Product specifications

  • Full and half bridge
  • Auto zero offset calibration
  • 4 V bridge excitation
  • 16 bit resolution
  • Simultaneous sampling
  • Sampling rate 16x 15625 Hz
  • Signal bandwidth: 16x 0-6000 Hz
  • Software programmable
  • Gain 125-250-500-1000-2000
  • Inductive power transfer
  • Wireless digital data transmission
  • Analog output +/- 10 V
  • Digital data interface to PC (option)
  • Water protected housing (IP65)

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Datasheet User manual

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